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Winter can often be a long, wet and sometimes dreary season after the gorgeous autumn leaves have fallen, it’s important to rake up & dispose of these leaves into a compost bin to help reduce fungus and diseases.

However, on sunny crisp winter days it’s great to get out in the garden and get your hands dirty with DIY projects while its not melting hot, spring bulbs should be getting established and it’s time to plant fruit and deciduous trees, prune roses before spring to maximise on flowering. Stake trees against the prevailing winds and get new vegetable beds in ready to plant out in spring.  We have raised timber vegetable and flower gardens ready made in a selection of sizes or some available in kitset, if you need to go higher simply add another bed on top and add more soil or garden mix.

METAL/AGGREGATE - This time of year is when you need to fill those pesky potholes and repair washouts in the driveway. Greenfingers stocks a full range of metals suitable for this job as well as paving metals, drainage & builders mix.

MULCH - It’s important to get a good layer of mulch down to protect the roots against the cold, choose from a wide range at Greenfingers including Bark Mulch, Eco Mulch (semi composted wood and bark fines, very popular among the Landscapers), Bark Peel is perfect for sloping areas as it has good clinging ability, or choose Post Peel & Pine Chip if you prefer the lighter colour to the browns of bark products.