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Greenfingers is a family-owned and operated business 

Currently run by the second generation of the Robinson family. Managing Director and owner, Murray Cole, is responsible for day to day operations. He has gardening in his blood and has over 25 years’ experience in the business. He creates the specialist mixes for Greenfingers’ commercial clients, using the scientific skills of a range of experts when required.

Director and owner Sharon Cole works in the office. Sharon grew up with Greenfingers and was the first person to operate the original bark mill; an old rotary screen that her father bought. She drives any of the machines when required, having learnt how to handle most of them while still a student.

The rest of the team at Greenfingers manage daily operations on a rotational basis, so that all of the staff are multi-skilled and can help with all tasks and inquiries. The team looks after bulk loading, managing the workshop, production and customer service, deliveries, bagging product, mixing different blends, and other various tasks to ensure that your dealings with any of the Greenfingers team will be a good experience.

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Situated on the old Kamo Brick Refractory site, which was purchased by Peter Robinson in 1986, the business has evolved to meet a growing demand for quality growing media and landscaping products.

As the owner’s knowledge about the process of pine bark composting and the benefits of the use of pine bark for the commercial plant nursery industry grew, the garden centre was closed and Greenfingers specialised in growing media and pine bark nuggets for ground cover. The specialised mill has been expanded and upgraded, creating what is now a large, customised, one-off irreplaceable mill to process the pine bark.

The change in products saw the shift of Greenfingers retail area to the front of the Kamo Road Brickworks site, improving customer access and visibility of the full product range.

Televised garden makeover shows increased the demand for landscaping products and Greenfingers now stock a wide range of stone with a variety of grades within each range.