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Frequently asked questions

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How much do you charge for the use of our loan trailers?

Our trailers are free of charge, you just pay a $20.00 deposit which is refunded when you return the trailer lead to the office.

How much product fits in a trailer?

Our trailer rates on our price list are all based on 6x4 trailers and we typically load 2/3rds of a cubic metre, or .66m³.  Some products that are heavy such as River Stone and metal, we will only put half a metre (.5m³) on at a time.

We also have some caged trailers with high sides (at both yards). These can fit more - depending on the product and the weight. Bark and ground cover products are typically light, so these trailers can take 1m³ - 1.5m³

Do I need to book a courtesy trailer?

We have plenty of trailers at both yards.  For most of the year you will be fairly safe just calling in for a trailer but obviously we can’t guarantee this, and weekends are the busiest. We advise that during busy periods you come in early to ensure you do get a trailer.

How deep should I put my bark or ground cover on the garden?

We recommend a depth of 10cm for most ground covers however if you are using Weed Mat, then some of the smaller products such as river pebble, crushed shell and lime chip can be laid at a depth of 5cm.

How do I work out how much product I will need?

Measure your garden area, then times the width by the length by the depth – this will give you the quantity required in cubic metres, as per our pricelist. We work on the rule of: 1m³ (cubic metre) covers 10 square metres (10m²) at a depth of 10cm.

When is the best time to lay lawn seed?

Ideally Autumn is the optimum time to lay new lawns and re-seed as the new grass will have all of Winter and Spring to get its roots deep and established before the dry season.  Spring is also a good time to germinate grass seed but be aware that you will need to water constantly over summer in order to get the best results.