Happy gardening from the team at Greenfingers Growing Mixes.


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Spring has to be one of the prettiest seasons of the year with all the new growth, gorgeous blossoms on the trees, spring bulbs leaping into life and a myriad of colour as flowering plants bursts into life.

VEGETABLE GARDENS – With warmer days and still plenty of moisture around, your vege gardens will thrive. In Northland you can grow just about anything this season, just be weary of the odd frost. Get your beds turned over, and add Greenfingers Compost or Garden Mix, our most popular mix for flower and vegetable gardens, these mixes have plenty of good fertilisers added to get optimum growth for your chosen crops.

LANDSCAPING – With the days now getting longer but not too hot, this is the perfect time to get new projects underway, get your gardens prettied up with ground cover such as riverstone, lime chip and landscape barks. These products are available year round.  Cart your products home in one of our courtesy trailers or book in a delivery and let us bring the product direct to you in one of our delivery tip trucks.

LAWNS – Time to fertilise established lawns and mow your lawns, just not too short as this will be an issue later in spring with summer approaching. This is a good time to sow new lawns or patch tired areas in October and November as its warm enough for good germination, but need to be aware of late frosts