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Autumn is the absolute best season for planting!  By planting new gardens in autumn, you will get plenty of moisture throughout the coming wet months to encourage the roots to get down deep and the plants will be well established before the hot and dry summer ahead.  March (if not too dry), April and May are also the best months to establish new lawns. This is also the season to get spring bulbs either in the ground or in pots; we have a range of pots suitable for bulbs available at our town yard.

LAWNS – Prepare surface area and build up where required using good quality screened volcanic topsoil, roll surface using a lawn roller which is available for hire from Greenfingers yards.  Spread a quality lawn fertiliser evenly over the surface and then top with approximately 3cm of our specially blended Lawn Mix (a blend of fine bark, sand for drainage and lawn fertilisers). Apply your chosen seed, we stock a full range suitable for all conditions whether full sun, part shade or full shade.

VEGETABLE GARDEN – Get your vege beds sorted by turning over existing beds and adding nutrients such as compost and fertilisers or starting off fresh with our Garden Mix which is made up of a delicious blend of compost, topsoil and fertilisers.  We stock a great range of fertilisers including blood and bone, general garden and a selection of organic fertilisers including Wonder Nuggets and Bio Boost.

This is a great season for growing salad greens, spinach, brassica and beetroot just to name a few.

MULCHING – Mulching is important to keep up all year round. A good thick layer of mulch not only keeps the weeds under control but helps to trap in valuable moisture and keeps the plant roots warm and protected.